author  Stephenie Meyer

genre Romance ,Fiction

rate ★★★★★

summary This book is about a girl named Isabell Swan who moves to Forks where her father lives. She gets a orange truck  which is a welcome present from her father, Charlie. At the same moment she meets Jacob who is the son of Charlies friend. When she goes to school, she gets seated next to Edward Cullen in Biology class, but he seems unfriendly. He misses school for a few days but when he finally showed up he was very nice to her. One day at the parking lot, Bella almost gets ran over by a car, Edward suddenly appears and saves her by stopping that car with his hands. Blla who wants answers keeps asking Edward questions and she soon finds out that he is a vampire, who only sucks blood from animals. As they start spending time, they fall in love. When Bella, Edward, and his family were playing base-ball, a three vampires run into them, and they figure out that Bella is human.  They start hunting Bella .The vampires separate to the vampires protecting Bella, the vampires protecting Charlie and the vampires who lead the hunters away. Bella evacuates to a hotel near the airport just in case, but gets a call from James who is one of the vampires hunting Bella. He wants her to come to her old Ballet studio alone because he has her mother. She leaves a letter to Edward and goes there as she was told. But when she got there her mother wasn’t actually there .James tries to kill her but Edward comes and rescues her. Edward’s family killed James and burned him.

comment I love this book because I love vampires. I also like the way the author describes every little detail of it. I actually fell in love with the cover of this book which is a hand holding an apple. The author says that its an apple because it’s a forbidden fruit just like Bella and Edward’s love.


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  1. i love twilight saga movies and actors…i watched this movies 10times and i had a book from twilight to breaking dawn.i love Edward Cullen..

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