Author: Darren Shan

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genre: Horror Adventure

Summary: This book is about a boy name Larten Crepsley. His family was very poor and also had many brothers and sisters. There are several room in his house, and everyone shares a room with other people. Larten lived with his cousin name Vur Horston, and Vur was Larten’s most important person in his siblings, and in the world. They usually works at the silk worm factory, and in the factory they had to die their hair in different colors depending on which section you’re working on. Larten die his hair bright orange, and they worked everyday. The factories foreman, Trez was a horrible man, and he abuses young employed children like Larten and Vur. One day, Trez told Vur that he used to have a relationship with Vur’s mother. Vur denies again and again, and lastly, Vur got crazy and tried to killed Trez. However, Vur was killed by Trez, and Larten get really mad. Lastly he end it up killing Trez with the knife and never came back to the house. When he was get all lanky and went to the graveyard , he met with a vampire name Seba. He ask him Larten to be his vampire assistant, and that mean is Larten became a vampire. Larten decided to be vampire assistant, and to live as a vampire.

Comments: Before you read this book, I recommend to read a book called The Vampire Assistant Series because these books is related to this book. I thought this book was really sad because Larten lost everything he had and he became a vampire. I liked Larten when he killed Trez because Trez was the killer of Vur and I thought he shouldn’t be alive anymore. I highly recommend this book because Darren Shan Series have little different taste than other books. If you start reading it, I bet you won’t stop it.


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Filed under Adventure, Horror

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