The Red Piramid


Sadie and Carter lived in their grandparents house, since their mother died.  One day, their father, Dr. Julius Kane came to pick them up.  Their father is a brilliant Egyptologist.  He goes around the world, so his kids couldn’t stay with them.  But Dr. Julius Kane said he wanted to set things right.  To do this, he said he needed to go to the British Museum.  But when Dr. Julius Kane went into the museum, something goes wrong.  Instead of setting things right, he unleashes the Egyptian god, Set.  Then, Set does lots of bad things. To kill Set and get Dr. Julius Kane back from Set, Sadie and Carter goes on an adventure.  In this adventure, they run into lots of people, like gods and goddesses.  And in this adventure, Sadie and Carter gets closer to the truth about their families past, and how their family is connected with the pharaohs.


I like this story. I think it was very tricky.  It’s an mystery book that has lots of clues.  I recommend this book for people who like adventures, and mystery.  The author of this book is Rick Riordan.  The same author of the Percy Jackson Series.  It is like the Percy Jackson series, but a little different.  If you want to find out the difference of these books, I recommend you to read this book.


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