The Boy in the Dress


Dennis has a boring life.  He lives in a boring town, boring street, and a boring house.  Dennis has a mean brother, and a father.  His mother died when he was a little kid.  Since Dennis’s mother died, the house started to get boring.  Then everything started to get boring.  Dennis loves “Vogue“.  The only time he enjoys is when he is reading the Vogue. But on the way home from school, Dennis runs into a girl named Lisa.  Lisa is the same grade as Dennis. She is very popular in his grade too.  Dennis even thinks Lisa is beautiful.  Dennis might even like Lisa.  Dennis and Lisa went home together.  On the way home, they talk about they’re personality, and about themselves.  They find out that they both like Vogue.  After that day, Lisa and Dennis becomes friends and get together some day.  Dennis and Lisa gets really close together and always talk about the Vogue.  Dennis finds out that if he opens his mind, life becomes anything but boring!  Life starts to change for Dennis.


I think this book is a funky story.  Its funny too. The main character, Dennis, has a very weird personality.  He loves Vogue.  Vogue is a fashion magazine, and is usually for women.  He has a cool personality as well though.  Dennis is the ace of the school soccer team.  He is the best striker in the soccer team.  Most times, they win because of Dennis.  If you like funny stories, this book is for you.  I recommend it.

Author: David Williams


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Filed under Fantasy

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