Story: This story is about a girl who lives in an orphanage. She had lost her parents when she was very young and yet she is still very young. Her name, Sophie.

Sophie couldn’t sleep on this particular day. She was staring out of the window when she saw something tall and big. The “thing” looked like a giant and he was doing something strange. The curious girl Sophie kept staring at the giant, when the giant came over to her bed and snatched her out of bed with her sheets. She was snatched far away from her orphanage and when the giant stopped running, she saw an unfamiliar view. When the giant pulled her out of his pocket, she begged him to not eat her. However, the giant just laughed at her, saying he is not a human eating giant. Relieved, Sophie and the giant talked about themselves, introducing each other. The giant who snatched her is called the Big Friendly Giant, or more commonly known as The BFG.

Sophie and The BFG go through many problems, like how giant land has only hideous tasting things to eat, and how Sophie can’t be seen by the other seven human eating giants. But the biggest problem they go through is when they try to stop the other seven giants  gobbling up human beings every night. At first they could not solve the problem by themselves, but in the end they find the perfect way to deal with it, which ends up making the queen of England related as well. How they solved the problem? That’s for you to read and find out!

Comments: I have always liked Roald Dahl’s books, like “The Witches” ,””Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Danny the Champion of the World” and many more. These are fiction books for sure, but his way of writing and expressing makes people want to believe that somewhere in the world, the story might be going on. For “The BFG”, I love the part where Sophie and The BFG go to catch dreams. Roald Dahl describes the dreams very carefully and we get to read some of the dreams. We can never guess what is going to happen next, which makes us want to read more and more until the book is done. I would recommend this book especially to people who don’t like the real world and their daily life. This book would definitely take you to another world and leave a strange but warm feeling when you finish.

Rate: ★★★★☆


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