Shredderman Wendelin Draanen

Nolan is a normal student that school until a summer project was handed out by Mr. Green, his teacher. Every month, Mr. Green gives out a difficult project that involve the ecosystems, solar systems, igloos, pyramids, etc. Every month, Nolan hasn’t done a very good job on his project. Last month, his igloo looked half melted, but this month, Mr. Green was sure that Nolan would dig into this one. He said that this time, you can write the project on anything you want! Nolan was very happy until a bully named Bubba comes and takes his happiness away. Bubba is big, mean, and muscular so there was nothing to do about him. Nolan kept his anger inside and he made an excellent plan. It would get him an A on his project and he will seek revenge on Bubba.

Nolan got  spy tools and everything he needed to seek revenge. His plans were to get pictures that Bubba would be ashamed of. His first picture he got was a picture of Bubba bending over to get something his butt was showing. Also he got one where Bubba was picking his nose. Nolan got three more pictures but when he realized that he’ll just be bullied even more, he came up with a brilliant idea. He made a Secret Identity called Shredderman. He made a website called Shredderman and that website was all about bad things about Bubba and he even uploaded the picture of Bubba bent over. He was set to turn it in and show the entire school at the fair! However, Nolan comes up something even more smarter and turns it in to Mr. Green. Read the book to see for yourself!

I liked how this story was funny and I think this story will show you what to do when you are bullied. Have a good time reading Shredderman!


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