Seven Wheels of Power

“Seven Wheels of Power” was a story about a boy named Max Greene who gets an invitation to the Black Belt Club. Out of nine hundred students, only four are invited in to the Black Belt Club and Alex was one of them. However, when he went to show the invitation to his uncle, Al, he said that the only reason that you’d get invited is that they’re trying to take more money out of their family. Max ignore his uncle and went to the Black Belt Club because it was free, and he has always wanted to go to the club. So, he went and when he entered the dojo, the sensei and the other three students were there. They all knew who Max was and everyone showed off their strengths. Antonio, Maia, and Jamie were the other three students who were invited to the Club and they were really strong. On the other side, Max didn’t have any moves to show off because he was only starting to begin Karate. He didn’t really know why he was invited.

After warm-up, the sensei described everything about what was happening in a small jungle that has a gigantic tree called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the most important tree on Earth. If that tree dies, all living things would perish and die. To stop it from dying, the four students need to find the seven wheels of power and bring it safety back to the tree. However, a man called the Death Master has hidden all of the wheels and they have to bring them back in less than two days. So, they knew what to do and they were ready! Sensei had a special present for all of them. They each gave them crystals and she said to pick the animal inside of you. So, Maia chose the crane, Antonio chose the bull, Jamie chose the eagle. Max thought hard about his animal but it didn’t come out. Suddenly, he felt something big coming toward him. When he looked back, it was a bear. Max screamed but it was only his imagination. The bear was the animal inside him.

They were sucked in to a vortex and they teleported to the jungle. There, they saw a huge temple with a dog, dressed up like a warrior and about fifty meters high. At first, they thought it was a statue because of its stiffness but actually it was alive! The monster grabbed Antonio and threw him back to the ground. Again, it held Antonio and kept him captive. The other three tried to save Antonio but it was too strong. Just when Max was going to be grabbed too, the statue froze. An old man with a hamster came and greeted us. He said that you are not allowed to go into the sacred temple unless you have the bravery to fight the monster. So, they went in and suddenly, a huge growling tiger came jumping in, breaking many glass. Also, the Death Master was on top of the tiger! They were taken to a cave, tied up in vines. The Death Master’s plan was to keep them tied up until the Tree of Life dies and then, the four students would die without the Death Master having to do extra work. In an instant, the Death Master disappeared and they were left alone. Right when they thought that all hope was lost, the old man’s hamster came to the rescue. The Death Master forgot to tie the hamster so, the hamster nibbled his way through everyone’s vines and they were free! However, it was no time for them to be happy. Evil was still upon them.

They dashed to the Tree of life and about half of the tree had no leaves. The tree is starting to die. There was no time. The four split up and started looking for the wheels. Max went searching inside a tunnel. He couldn’t see anything but he heard someone breathing. He went father in the tunnel, and he realized that he could use the crystal that he got from sensei! The crystal lit up when he looked straight, a big Grizzly Bear was there right in front of him! The bear growled but Max showed no fear. Max growled back and surprisingly, he was able to take communication with the bear. Max talked about the situation about the Tree of Life and how they need to get the seven wheels. The Death Master had hidden it in that tunnel and the bear had it! The wheel was shiny and cold. Max appreciated how the bear gave him the wheel and he was off to the Tree of Life.

When he arrived, the other three were already there but there was only of more leaf on the tree! They rushed to throw the wheels and in the nick of time, they saved all living creatures! The Death Master never showed his appearance anywhere, ever again.

I really enjoyed this story because of all of the action. If is very fun to read and i recommend this book to everyone, especially lovers of Karate. I hope you enjoy this book !


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