A Series of Unfortunate Events ~The Slippery Slope~

Author: Lemony Snicket

Genre: Adventure

Rate: ★★★★★


This is the tenth book of the Series of Unfortunate Events. The two elder siblings, Violet and Klaus were in the car, going down in a very fast speed. They were safe by Violet’s invention. They knew that their little sister, Sunny, was at the top of the mountain with Count Olaf, the evil man who tries to steal the Baudelaire fortune, so they started to walk. There were snow nats, and the two comes to a place, that Carmelita was hiking. There was a mysterious boy who was using words which stands for V.F.D., so the Baudelaires thought that he must be an important person to solve what V.F.D meant. They sneaked out at night, and they knew that he was the third Quagmire triplet, Quigley. They went to the V.F.D, but there was a fire and was gone. Klaus decided to do research with the information they collected. The other two went up a big waterfall and found Sunny at the top. They decided to leave Sunny so she can spy the villains. They also knew new information about the mystery. When they came back, the three decided make a pit to capture Esme by attracting her by using smokes, to exchange with Sunny. When Esme reached to the bottom, Violet suddenly went up to her wearing a mask because she thought trapping is a bad thing. They lied to Esme that they were volunteers of the V.F.D, and wants to talk to Count Olaf. They went up and met the villains. All of them talked but at last Count Olaf knew that the volunteers were the children.  The children escaped from the place with a sled, but the waterfall melted and there were water everywhere. Quigley was lost from the other three. Would it be a happy ending in the next book??


This is the tenth book of  the Series of Unfortunate Events, so I recommend you to read this book after you read the first nine books. In this book, you could know about the mystery from before pretty much than the others, although the mystery would increase. The books in the series is really sad and unfortunate, but I started to feel that the unfortunate things happening on the Baudelaires is not just luck, but because of Count Olaf. Also this book has many unusual vocabularies so it is a little difficult to understand. I have many vocabularies I don’t understand, but I think I  almost understand the story. I like all the good characters, but I liked Sunny. She is really helpful, and the way she talks is interesting too. She uses words that people normally doesn’t understand, but in the word it has a meaning. For example, when she meant,”Of course, because you don’t understand me, I can say anything I want to you, and you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about,” she said “Sneakitawc”. It was funny because the word sounded like “Sneaky talk”. I am so excited about reading the next book!!!


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