Ginger Pye

Author: Eleanor Estes

Rate: ★★★☆☆

Genre: Fiction


It is a story about a boy named Jerry Pye and his little sister Rachel Pye, having a dog, which the name is Ginger. Jerry wanted a puppy, which he had to pay a dollar. So he and Rachel cleaned a church and earned it. They got the puppy. Ginger was smart and learnt many tricks. Everyday was fun with Ginger, but there were weird things happening too. They knew a man in a yellow hat was trying to snatch Ginger, and they called him the unsavory character. On Thanksgiving, Ginger was gone. The two children looked for him, but the days went on and on. After few months, Jerry and Rachel knew that Jerry’s classmate was the unsavory character; he had the yellow hat on a train. He was gone, but when they came back home, there was a dog. It was Ginger!!! Their baby uncle found the dog. So it was a happy ending.


This story has a dog in it, so I recommend this book who likes dogs, but I think people who don’t can read it too. It makes you want a smart cute dog like Ginger. I liked the part when Ginger thought about his enemy dog, which really was himself reflected to a mirror. It is a little funny but cute. He said that the enemy dog is silent and when he barks at him, he would do the same thing, but always stay in the safe place that Ginger could not go in. I think this book has many original characters, so it is interesting and funny!


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