The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author:  Roald Dahl

Genre: Fantasy


Summary:  “Wow!” Charlie exclaimed with his family.  His family, the Bucket family, was so poor that they couldn’t afford Charlie’s toys. They were so excited about the golden ticket. The golden ticket was made by Mr.Wonka, who was the owner of the famous factory, the chocolate factory. There were only five tickets, and people all over the world was going crazy. Miraculously, Charlie got the golden ticket and was invited to the factory!! At the factory, there was the 5 chosen children who won’t the ticket. They met Mr.Wonka and saw something incredible, that you cannot even imagine which looked like…..

Comments: At the first few pages, the author, Roald Dahl, politely explains the setting and the characters. It seems kind of boring, however, he will take you in to the story, that you forget the time. His mysterious and interesting world will make you think a lot. Also, it would make you laugh!!

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and is waiting for an exciting story!


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