Westminster Abby (S.A.S.S.) by Micol Ostow


I borrowed this book because the cover was very cute!! And story was cute too.

sixteen-year-old Abby Capshaw has always been the quiet girl. She disgusted with her overprotective-parents and her cheating ex-boyfriend. She want to get away from their so, she decide to go abroad to study. Then she quick to leave New York City and go to London, England, there is fill with hope. There she meet and befriends Zoe, a punk, goth girl. She also meet Ian. Ian  is a charming boy, who make her forget all about her bad experience. He loves Abby and Abby loves him too. They have a nice time in London. But then James, her cheating ex-boyfriend shows up from America. Is she going back to New York City with James or stay London with Ian!?

I think it’s a ideal romance.I recommend this book to teenager.


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