hatchetTitle: Hatchet

Author: Gary Paulsen

Genre: Adventure, Survival, Fiction, Realistic


Alone. Secret. Bad luck.

The main character, Brian Robeson, has a big secret; a secret which he can’t tell anyone. The secret is, “A reason why his parents divorced.” He carries that awful, big secret by himself. He can’t tell anyone. No one.

One day, Brian rode a private airplane to meet his father. While riding the airplane, the pilot got a heart attack, which leaves Brian alone. He never flew an airplane, so he had nothing to do. HOPELESS. The engine was running out. Of course, he had to land the airplane, so he decided to crash into a lake. BOOM.

Brian was saved.  His body was not broken or hurt. However, he was alone in this wilderness. No human, no food. ALONE. He had never been in a place like this wilderness, so he wasn’t able to do anything. As the days passes, he learns many things. For example, he learns how to eat fishes and birds and how to cook them. He also makes a “friend.”

Alone until the end? Or not….

 This book is amazing!!! If you read this book, it feels like you are in that place, in that situation. From this book, you could learn many lessons: you have to try before doing something new and never give up. When I finished this book, I thought I want to be a person like Brian, who is always positive and never gives up.

I am telling you! You must read this book!!!

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Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green GablesTitle of the book : Anne of Green Gables

Author : L.M.Montgomery

Genre : Realistic Fiction, Family

Rate :  ★★★☆☆

In Prince Edward Island, there lived an old lady called Marilla Cuthbert and her husband, Matthew Cuthbert. They wanted someone to help them with their farming so they decided to take orphan boy from orphanage to help them. Although, by some mistake who was standing alone in the station was the girl named Anne Shirley. Obviously, she wasn’t a boy. First, they didn’t want her because she was a girl and thought girl does no help with farming. But Matthew loved how she talks and after Marilla heard her unfortunate personal history, they decided to let her stay in their house “Green Gables” as a new family. She worked hard and helped Marilla for her job, and talked lots of things.  Anne was talkative, friendly, and loved to imagine things.

This is the story of how she grew with this nature in Green Gables.

Anne made some trouble too. When Mrs.Rachel said mean things about her, she got pretty mad and called her she is rude… Mrs.Rachel of-course become enraged but Anne did apologized. She made problems at her school too. She smashes her slate over Gilbert’s head because he called Anne’s red hair, “carrots”. Gilbert apologized many times but Anne did not forgive him. Can Anne and Gilbert become friends? 

Anne, always wanted her best friend so they went to Mrs.Barry`s house to meet her daughter, Diana. In few days, Diana became a great friend of Anne. They played together, talked together. Anne called Diana a bosom friend of hers. However, Anne made some trouble. So Mrs.Barry started to hate her and said she would never let her play with Diana forever…

This is a heartwarming great book!

Comment: This book is very realistic and I loved how lots of problems and situations happen. Anne of Green Gables is a very famous book so I want many people to read this book!!

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

charlie_and_the_chocolate_factory_poster2Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

Genre: Fantacy

Rate  ★★★★☆

This book is about a boy named Charlie who lives with his parents and four grandparents. They are very poor, hungry and are in a hard situation. The one thing charlie loves most is the chocolate factory owned by WillyWonka in his neiborhood. One day Willy Wonka anounced that there would be a contest and five lucky children could win if they find a golden ticket in a Wonka chocolate bar.

A few days later charlie was walking when he found money inbetween a manhole.  So he ran to a store that sells one of the Wonka chocolate bars and bought it.  Just then he found a shining golden ticket right infront of him. He jumped in the air many of times as he ran home. The next day charlie and his granfather and four other children went on a tour to the chocolate factory and had the funnest yet creapiest adventure of their lives.

Image from: “Text-to-Screen Versus: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The Lesser of Two Equals. N.p., 10 Feb. 2010. Web. 29 Sept. 2013. <http://thelesseroftwoequals.wordpress.com/tag/oompa-loompas/&gt;.

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And Then There Were None

Title : And Then There Were

Author : Agatha Christie

Genre : Realistic Fiction

Rate : ★★★★☆

Summary: This is a story of 10 people going to an island were nobody is on. The 10 people was able to stay in the island for 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks, some curious things happen. People start to die! When 2 people died in a row, the other 8 people thought it was a little weird. So everyone went to find the murder, but one person found a poem that is a little bit connected to the 2 peoples death. When the last day came, the murder is found but it is….


This book was a little hard for me because it was written in olden English. When I was done reading this book, I was suprised how long the author did not tell who the murder was.  I think this book is good for people who likes to have a thrilling time while reading the book.

Image from:

“AND THEN THERE WERE NONE : THEATRE ROYAL GLASGOW 2008.” A TOUCH OF ENTERTAINMENT!!: AND THEN THERE WERE NONE : THEATRE ROYAL GLASGOW 2008. N.p., 1 May 2010. Web. 19 Sept. 2013. <http://touchoftheatre.blogspot.jp/2010/05/and-then-there-were-none-theatre-royal.html&gt;.

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The Sea of Monsters

the sea of monstersTitle: The Sea of Monsters

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Adventure, Fiction

Rate: ★★★★☆


  In this school year, no monsters appeared before Percy Jackson, a half-blood. He did not get attacked by anything and did not get in any trouble, until the last day of the school year. Percy Jackson and his friend, Tyson, were playing a dodge ball with their classmates. Then suddenly, their classmates turns into giant monsters. They both get attacked by the giants until Annabeth, Percy’s half-blood friend, appears invisibly and save Percy and Tyson. Percy was surprised and asked Annabeth why she appeared, and she told them that the Camp Half-Blood was in a danger.

  They three went to the camp and saw that the camp’s protection, Thalia’s Pine Tree, was poisoned. They also found out that Tyson was a young Cyclop, an ugly big giant, and a brother of Percy, since they were both Poseidon’s son. This was embarrassing for Percy, because nobody really likes Cyclops.

  Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson wants to go on a quest to find the Golden Fleece to cure the poisoned Pine Tree and find the Grover the satyr who is in a big trouble. Although they want to go, the temporary activities director, Tantalus, said Clarrise the daughter of Ares should go. Tantalus send Clarrise, but Percy and the others didn’t understand. They are helped by a god, and secretly went on the quest without getting caught by anyone.

  Their adventure starts heading south to the Sea of Monsters. During the quest, they see a cruise ship called Princess Andromeda where Luke, Percy’s enemy and an old friend of Annabeth, leads the ship. They also went through C.C.’s Spa and Resort where Percy turns into a pig.

  They finally got to the cave to the Sea of Monsters, but many things occur. Can they survive through the quest, bringing the Golden Fleece and help out Grover?


“Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.” Amazon.co.jp: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2013. <http://www.amazon.co.jp/Percy-Jackson-Olympians-Monsters-Book/dp/1423103343&gt;.


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Lord Loss

lord lossTitle:  Lord Loss

Author: Darren Shan

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Adventure

Rating: ★★★★☆

’The door feels red hot, as though a fire is burning behind it. I press an ear to the wood – but there’s no crackle. No smoke. Just deep heavy breathing… and a curious dripping sound. My hand’s on the door knob. Inside the room, somebody giggles – low, throaty, sadistic. There’s a ripping sound, followed by snaps and crunches. My hand turns. The door opens. Hell is revealed.’

Grubbs Grady is a normal teenager living in Ireland. He lives with his mom, dad, and sister. But he gets suspicious when his family starts to act differently…

I enjoyed this book very much! It’s dark, it’s scary, it has a bit if humor in it…! But most of all, it’s interesting. There are lots of twists and turns and unexpected surprises! I was entertained until the very last page. I enjoyed the other nine Demonata books as well!

Image: “Lord Loss – Darren Shan – Author of Horror and Fantasy Books.” Lord Loss – Darren Shan – Author of Horror and Fantasy Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2013. <http://www.darrenshan.com/books/details/lord-loss/&gt;.

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Title: Momo

Author: Michael Ende

Genre: Fantasy novel


Summary: This story is about a girl named Momo who lives in the ruins of the amphitheater versus a group of men in grey. These men steal something very important to human beings, and plan to eventually take over the city where Momo lives.With the help from a very trusted friend and his pet tortoise, can Momo manage to prevent the men from ruling their city? How could she stop the men in grey? What are they really looking for?

The story is fast-moving and full of excitement. It’s a “must read book” for those of you who love fantasy and live in a dream world.

Comment: I think you will be wanting to read more to find out what happens next!

“Momo.” Boomerang Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2013. <http://www.boomerangbooks.com.au/Momo/Michael-Ende/book_9780140317534.htm&gt;.

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